As a new brand, it was important to start as we mean to go on.  Using organic cotton was a considered choice to allow us to deliver more sustainable, environmentally friendly products for our customers.  The organic cotton farming process uses much LESS water than conventional methods and importantly NO pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).  All of these chemicals can have a negative effect on the health of farmers and workers in the industry all the way through to consumers, as well as harming wildlife and their ecosystems.  With this is mind, we are trying to make our contribution so you can enjoy our products knowing they are both ethically and socially responsibly sourced and manufactured. In time, we aim to extend this further to include all elements of our supply chain. Watch this space…


Organic cotton womens pyjamas


We have sourced recycled packaging from eco-friendly suppliers who also care about their impact on the environment.

Business Cards and Postcards - Made from 100% recycled paper. FSC accredited (Forest Stewardship Council, setting standards for responsibly managed forests, environmentally and socially)

Tissue Paper - Made from 99% recycled pulp fibres and approximately 35% of the electricity used to make it is produced from renewable sources

Mailing Bags - Made from 100% recycled polythene. Please reuse where possible and then recycle again, checking with your local waste services.